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Configuring OpenVPN with PAM authentication against LDAP.

Watchguard uses OpenVPN to realize its VPN capabilities but only ships a Mac and Windows Client. The Clients are stripped down OpenVPN clients with Watchguard branding. As OpenVPN has mature Linux support, it is relatively easy to get a Watchguard SSL VPN working with Linux.


Connecting to the Internet using the O2 surfstick and different applications like wvdial or kppp.

Connecting a NMEA compatible GPS device to a Linux PC using rfcomm.

Murmur uses Ice bindings as an API for other programs and for its own administration. This is how to compile them from source for use with java.

QLandkarte GT is a map application that lets you modify maps, create tracks and waypoints and can talk to your GPS device.

The Watchguard Firebox is a pretty solid firewall. Inside the unit you find fairly regular x86 components. pfSense uses NetBSD to turn a PC into a full fledged firewall/routing machine. Of course you can use a small pfSense image on a CF card to bring new life to your Firebox. This manual explains how it is done.